"Tera-Viewer" Ultra-high speed tera-scale image viewer

"Tera-Viewer" is an ultra-high speed tera-scale image viewer that assembles multiple picture images hierarchically
and view the total image in realtime from the top to the bottom.
You can enjoy the ultra-high resolution image picture which no other viewer has achieved before!

"Tera-Viewer" Ultra-high speed tera-scale image viewer

"Tera-Viewer" Ultra-high speed tera-scale image viewer


Professional use

  • Viewing the total image and the detailed scope of the microscopic inspection image
  • Remote medication using microscopic medical images
  • Viewing simulation result of huge systems
  • Inspection of large images like portlait
  • Restoration aid for large works of art
  • Exhibition of large works of art
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Commercial use

  • Assembly of large panoramic picture image
  • Novel picture viewer

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