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Semiconductor industory was called as "rice of industry" and kept a sizable position in Japan to play a major role in development of the nation. Accordingly the software industry for designing the semiconductor devices grew significantly and formed a large market. World semiconductor industry, however, has changed and Japan has lost its position in these twenty years. This change also affected the software industry in Japan, especially those engineers working in the semiconductor EDA (electronic design automation). Semiconductor EDA applications require very advanced software technology to handle huge size of data or graphic images with extremely high-speed processing, for example.
Kamiens Technology is established to apply such advanced software technology to other fields and offer softtware to achieve higher productivity in the world.

Kamiens Technology offers the software technology developed primarily for semiconductor industry to any other field with flexible image and make it come true to be a product.

Kamiens Technology is a small company, but we would like to be valued by providing value to the world.

Business Area

EDA(electronic design automation)software design and development
Consultation for software development
Sales of EDA software products

Corporate Profile

Representative Director Hidemichi Kawase
Capital JPY 5,100,000
Established March 2014
Principal Office 3-4-2 Nihonbashi-Ningyo-Cho, 5F Sato-Shoji Building,    Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 103-0013 Japan
Phone/Fax +81-3-6231-1023
Website http://kamiens.com/
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